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Predicting Vertcoin Prices

We will constantly update our predictions based on graph predictions, upcoming news, trends, etc. The post at the top will be the most recent but you can look back at previous posts to see how accurate we have been with predictions! We’ve also marked edits in either Green or Red so that you can see if we were accurate or not.

UPDATED: November 14th, 2017 – 4:52 PM EST

News: With the upcoming December halving, potential release of AMD miner, and the overall growth trend and mass adoption of Vertcoin, we are coming up early with a bold prediction for December 2017.

Prediction: We expect to see Vertcoin reach above $6.00, getting close to 100,000 satoshis.

Suggestion: Keep riding out the waves and trying to collect as much Vertcoin as possible!

vertcoin december prediction


Previous Predictions

Edits will be marked in Red or Green so that the original content remains. If the Edit is marked in Red it means the prediction didn’t come true. If the Edit is in Green it means the prediction was accurate.

ADDED: November 8th, 2017 – 12:30 PM EST

News: HUGE NEWS in the Crypto world today. Bitcoin has officially postponed their upcoming Segwit 2x fork. Just as many anticipated, now that the fork is not on the table (no pun intended) alt coins saw a huge surge in price today. Vertcoin had the largest gain, increasing its value by over 50%!

Prediction: Since it still continues to grow as people are finding out about the big fork news, I think we will hit $6 in the next 24 hours. Expect the price to drop back to around $5 if or when that happens.

Analysis: Most of the Alt coins today have reached “Over Bought” status which generally means they are about to come crashing down in value. Vertcoin’s RSI is still right in the middle which means it still has a long way before it becomes “Over Bought”. Check out the RSI prediction that we got correct previously, as well as the one below that shows our rough estimation.

Suggestion: Try to buy any small dips or if you can wait and be patient, wait a few more days for a smaller drop. For now, HOLDING is my recommended strategy.

Edit: The RSI looked very similar to this and we got very close to $6

vertcoin rsi

UPDATED: November 3rd, 2017 – 7:30 PM EST

News: Just as predicted, Vertcoin stopped bleeding and has rebounding very quickly. The RSI prediction below as absolutely spot on and as more Bitcoin money flows back to Alts, Vertcoin should continue to see some nice growth.

Prediction: Vertcoin might touch $5 again shortly but will still need to wait until after the fork for it to reach a new all time high.

Suggestion: Buy below $3.50 and HOLD until after the fork. Keep collecting as much as you can.

*Top Example was my prediction, Example below is what currently is what happened.

vertcoin rsi when stop prices low predictions recent

What I predicted yesterday

What currently happened, exactly as predicted.


UPDATED: November 3rd, 2017 – 5:50 AM EST

News: It appears that the bleeding will be coming to a stop shortly. The support level at around $3.00 is holding strong. Vertcoin is way oversold right now, which means it’s RSI will be rising soon! So for all the patient Vertcoin holders and buyers, get ready to see some green soon (could take a day). The biggest growth will come after November 16th, after the Bitcoin fork.

Prediction: The bleeding will stop, Bitcoin will settle with it’s price, allowing Vertcoin to rise back some more.

Suggestion: Buy Vertcoin while it’s under $3.50. Vertcoin should come back to around $4.00 in the next day or so. It may not touch $5 again until after the fork. However, after the fork, it should skyrocket to prices closer to $10.00.

Edit: Looks like it came true, just as predicted. The RSI rebounded almost perfectly and the bleeding has stopped. Prices are now hovering around $4.00.

vertcoin when stop bleeding rsi



UPDATED: November 2nd, 2017 – 3:50 AM EST

News: After suffering through a pretty rough day, Vertcoin is gaining some steam back. For the first time the moving average is finally looking positive and as Bitcoin starts to fall (just reached over $7,000) some life will be given back to Vertcoin.

Prediction: We’ll be hovering around $4.00-$5.00 for a few days, or weeks, until the fork happens.

Suggestion: As always, it’s a great time to buy low. Another good time will be a few days before the Bitcoin “fork”.

Edit: Unexpected news about Bitcoin caused this to stop rising. It continued for a little bit before dropping.

vertcoin recovering prediction

Added: November 1st, 2017 – 8:50 PM EST

News: People are panic selling as alt coins overall are taking a drop in price today. This is due to Bitcoin making the news for hitting all time highs, as well as Coinbase releasing that they will be supporting the upcoming fork.

Prediction: It will continue to decline until Bitcoin stops increasing in price. Most likely Bitcoin will surge past $7,000 and then retreat back.

Suggestion: Be patient and buy more Vertcoin at such low prices. It will eventually rebound, especially after the fork, so don’t panic sell! A lot of weak hands are losing money due to the Bitcoin sure.

Edit: Vertcoin has been dropping as predicted. People are moving some money over to Bitcoin for hopes of the “free money”.

Added: October 31st – 5:15 PM EST

News: Vertcoin continues to increase exposure as it continuously ranks among the top coins in volume on Bittrex. The Reddit community has gained several thousand new followers and the developers are staying extremely active.

Prediction: Once again, another text book cup and handle forming. Unlike the previous cup and handle, this is one that spans over multiple days. Expect another big run Tuesday and Wednesday!

Suggestion: Buy now and strap in because we are looking to hit $6-7 (this week). Aim to buy under $5.40.

Edit: With the upsurge in the Bitcoin price, our cup and handle prediction is being put on hold. So for now the cup and handle will be having a lot longer handle.

Edit – November 14th, 2017: It turns out the cup and handle was correct, it just turned more into a cup with a really long handle.

UPDATED: October 27th – 3:26 AM EST

News: We just hit $4.00! That’s great news at it shows that the barrier can be broken. Vertcoin will settle a bit before making another attempt at the sell wall. I wouldn’t be surprised to see $4.20+ on Friday, October 27th.

Prediction came trueJust as predicted, we got the third Elliot wave (check the previous entry). Now that we have touched past the $4.00 barrier, the price will fall back some and make another run. This may take a few attempts, depending on how many people are trading.

3rd Elliot wave completed, now a surge!

Photo added on October 27th at 3:30 AM EST


ADDED: October 26th – 5:26 PM EST

Prediction: Graph analysis shows a third Elliot wave forming which suggests another run. We are still looking ahead towards the weekend to see what is hopefully one of the larger Vertcoin pushes. Also, Vertcoin has released a TOR Wallet which allows for increased privacy and the ability to allow anyone to user Vertcoin anywhere.

Summary: Expect another big spike followed by a cooldown face similar to the previous two waves.

Suggestion: Hold on Vertcoin as the prices will continue to trend upwords. We aren’t sure when the next big run will be but we are still looking towards Saturday, October 28th.

Edit: Looks like we got the 3rd Elliot wave! Now the price is taking off past $4.00


elliot waves

Taken on October 26th, 2017 at 7:30 PM EST time.


ADDED: October 25th – 10:50 PM EST

Prediction: It will continue to drop until the night/morning of October 27th. The chart was doing the same thing last Wednesday before it took off over the weekend. I am using the same analysis I did last week where I saw the moving average show a huge drop followed by a huge swing.

Summary: Looks like it’ll be pretty slow/drop over the next day. Look towards the weekend for the big rebound.

Suggestion: Buy while under $3.20, get ready to sell or hold until Saturday/Sunday.

Edit: Looks like everything is coming along nicely!

Intervals are 1 day apart. Taken on October 25th at 10:50 PM EST

Added: October 25th – 4:10 AM EST

Moving average looks very promising for a quick jump. Expect a short strong push within the next hour!

Edit: Looks like we got the jump, prices had a nice little run.

October 25th – 4:10 AM EST


ADDED: October 24th – 4:10 EST

Perfect formation of the Cup and Handle, with a visual graphic for people to see. Now that we have broken out of the “handle” phase, it should be steadily grow, surpassing the $4 resistance wall and reaching towards $5.

This is why it’s called a Cup and Handle, this is beautiful to see for owners of Vertcoin. 

EDIT: This prediction was pretty accurate, however the price needed to drop much further. So it was more of a cup with really long handle.


Created at 1:30 AM EST on October 25th, 2017


ADDED: October 24th – 1:35 EST

Summary: Expect the price to increase by 20-50% within the next 24 hours.

Analysis: Cup and Handle formation was predicted, and sure enough, it formed it! Below is a prediction that was taken on October 23rd, guessing that if we saw a Cup and Handle formation (the blue part) we would be in for a large increase. Sure enough the prediction looks right so far.

EDIT: This analysis was created on October 4th, and surprisingly has been very accurate! We got the first price swing, followed by the dip, now it looks like we are reaching the surge. 

October 23rd Cup and Handle Prediction

What is happening now:

As you can see, the CURRENT graph below did exactly as predicted. After it swung back up (forming the cup), it started to drop. Now, if it follows the pattern should see a huge growth shortly.

October 24th, Graph is matching prediction