Vertcoin Looking to hit 70k Satoshis

Last updated: December 10, 2017 Vertcoin Price 0

Prediction: It looks like over the next few days Vertcoin will be showing some bullish growth as it takes advantage of the Halving news as well as possible release of the AMD miner.

Suggestion: Try to buy Vertcoin while under 55k Satoshis.

Support Level: It looks like the new support level is around 50k Satoshis. You can expect prices to stay mostly above this new level.

Analysis: Bullish trend upwards for the next few days.

Target: Try to hold until Vertcoin at least reaches 70k Satoshis. A more conservative range would be around 60k to 65k Satoshis.

updated vertcoin price predictions 2017 december 13th