Vertcoin Finishing Correction Waves

Last updated: December 11, 2017 Vertcoin Price 0

ABC Correction Wave

It looks like Vertcoin is finished forming an ABC correction wave. These types of waves are usually seen when there is a downward trend. At the same time it looks as if Vertcoin is about to complete a wedge which would suggest a price breakout.

Price Prediction

Based on our analysis and research about Vertcoin, we would guess that by December 13th that Vertcoin should be touching over 60k Satoshis. The actual price will vary based on what the value of Bitcoin is at the time but we should expect to see around $10.

What to do?

Right now the best thing to do if you own Vertcoin is to just hold. The support line is clearly holding strong so you shouldn’t be too worried about the price dropping much more.

Recent Vertcoin News

What makes us so confident about the increase in price is that Vertcoin is just about to experience a price halving for miners. This will make the creation of new coins more scarce, which historically increases the value of coins (look at Bitcoin).

Graph Analysis

In the graph below you can see that the two purple lines are forming a price wedge. The price is become very stable and this gives buyers confidence that it should increase in price.

vertcoin correction waves

DISCLAIMER: This is not financial advice. We are invested in Vertcoin and this is our best educated guess as to what we believe will happen yet.