Vertcoin Halving

Last updated: December 11, 2017 News Vertcoin Price 0

Vertcoin Halving is Almost Here

Due to the high volume of Vertcoin trading and mining, the Vertcoin Halving is arriving sooner than expected. This is a big reason that the price of Vertcoin has been surging from 48,000 Satoshis to over 56,000 Satoshis ($7.80 to $9.30).

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What does a Halving mean?

In simple terms, a halving means that miners will start receiving less Vertcoin for mining. Although this sounds bad, it actually makes the coins become more scarce. So now that miners make less Vertcoin from mining, the coins that they mine are worth a lot more money.

When Bitcoin had it’s halving it when from almost $2,000 to $15,000+. There were a lot of additional factors but the fact that it took Vertcoin 4 years to get to its first Halving is a big moment. It also shows the strength and support of the community and developers.