Trading Digital Currency

Buying Low Selling HIGH

Here’s a free resource on making money by trading digital currency. Currently we are focused on buying and selling Bitcoin and Ethereum. If you don’t know what digital currencies are, be sure to Click Here.

The 2 Top Digital Currencies

  • Bitcoin – This is currently the largest digital currency, with the value of one bitcoin reaching as high as $3,000+. Since the price swings can be as high as $100-200 in a matter of hours, the Bitcoin market is ideal for buying low and selling high. Although it makes it riskier to buy low and sell high, if you are patient enough you can make a lot of money predicting the swings.
  • Ethereum – This is the second largest digital currency, which some predict might surpass Bitcoin. The price has reached as high as $420+ and has shown some incredible growth. We invested a lot of money into Ethereum at $250 and sold when it reached $400 (close to a 40% growth!).