How to Buy Deep Onion coins

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First time buying Deep Onion – Low Fees

  1. Create an account at

    The first step into buying any currency is to find an exchange that allows you to purchase cryptocurrency with fiat currency (Dollars, Euros, etc.). We recommend CoinBase as they are one of the largest and most well known exchanges. If you sign up using our referral link (Click Here) you will receive $10 free as a bonus.

  2. Fill out your information

    Fill out your personal information and follow the verification for your email and/or phone. Depending on your location you might have to fill out additional verification but we can confirm that they are indeed a legit company.

  3. Purchase Litecoin to trade for DeepOnion 

    There are multiple options as to how to deposit money into your account to buy Litecoin. We will cover the fast and easy way that charges a fee, and the slower method that doesn’t charge any fees.

    A) The fast and easy way – This way involves you using a Credit Card to deposit funds into your account. You simply enter your Credit Card, verify the two small payments they send, and you are ready to purchase some Litecoin. You then click the “Buy/Sell” tab and select Litecoin (You can choose Bitcoin but it’s usually slower to withdraw from your account). You will need Litecoin in order to buy Deep Onion since there is a Litecoin/Deep Onion exchange (Bitcoin as well). Anyways, once you select the amount of money you want to spend and click “Buy” you will instantly get those coins deposited to your account. The only downside to this method is that there is about a 3% Fee when doing this.
    buying litecoin credit card

    B) The slow but No Fee way – With this method you can set up a direct deposit with your bank account. This will take a few days to get verified and once you get set up it will take another 2-5 days for the money to show up in your account. This can take a while to get your money but at least with this method there is No Fee.

  4. Setup an Account at Cryptopia (an exchange that trades Deep Onion)

    For this step you will have to head to Cryptopia to setup an account. This step is much easier then Coinbase as they basically just need your email and very basic information.

  5. Deposit Litecoin into your Cryptopia Account

    Now that your account is setup you need to transfer your Litecoin from Coinbase to your Cryptopia account. To do this start by selecting the “Bitcoin” icon near the top right:
    how to deposit money into cryptopia
    Next select “Litecoin” as the coin you will be depositing (Make sure you are only transferring Litecoin to this address).
    litecoin deposit adddress
    Now you just need to copy the “Deposit Address”. This is your personal address that will store your Litecoin. “Copy and Paste” the address that gets generated and then click done.
    copy litecoin address

  6. Enter the Deposit Address on the Coinbase site

    Now that you have your Cryptopia Litecoin address, you just need to enter it on Coinbase. Go to Coinbase and click on the “Accounts” tab. Then look for your “Litecoin Wallet”. Once you have found it click the “Send” button.
    send money on coinbase
    After clicking “Send” a window will popup. This is where you will PASTE your Litecoin address that you copied from Cryptopia. Then choose the amount of Litecoin that you would like to send (It will show the Dollar value to help you visualize the amount).

    *You may need to Verify the transaction by receiving a text message or email verification

  7.  Wait for your Litecoin and confirm the transaction went through

    It will usually take several minutes to see the Litecoin show up in your account (sometimes it can take longer). To check your balances, select the “Bitcoin” icon up top and select “Balances”. From there you will enter “Litecoin” in the search box (in the future you can sort by “Favorites” or “Hide zero balances”.

    When your money has fully transferred it will show up in the “Available” column (the one highlighted). While it’s pending it will be in the “Open Orders” column.
    available litecoin for deeponion

  8. Now it’s time to finally buy Deep Onion

    Once your Litecoin has arrived it’s time to buy Deep Onion. You need to first find the “Litecoin” market. This is where Deep Onion is traded on. Click the “Exchange” icon at the top and then click the “LTC” exchange on the right.
    how to buy deep onion low fees
    Once you click on that Market, scroll down until you find “Deep Onion”.
    buying deep onion easy
    Now you just need to select how much Deep Onion you would like to buy. The easiest way to do this is to first click the “Price” button (it will automatically put in the last price that Deep Onion sold for), and then click the amount of money you have (we have 0 in this example but you should see a balance here). By clicking the amount of Litecoin you have, it will attempt to buy as much Deep Onion as possible. If you would like to buy less, you can just change the numbers manually.

  9. You have now bought Deep Onion! You can check your balance at any time

    deep onion checking balance

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