How to buy Cryptocurrency

Where to buy Cryptocurrency?


    – This is one of the larger and more trusted companies. Coinbase has been around for a long time, is secure, and allows you to purchase coins directly with your money.
    – They currently sell: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. All of which you can purchase to send to other exchanges.
    – They own, which is their exchange. You can buy and sell without fees on the GDAX exchange.
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    – This exchange is where you can buy/sell hundreds of different kinds of currencies.
    – You need to own cryptocurrency to buy coins on this exchange, so usually people buy coins from Coinbase and send them to Bittrex.

Step by step guide for buying cryptocurrency

  1. Complete Tutorial – Buying currency on Coinbase/GDAX and then sending it to Bittrex to buy whatever currency you like (In this example it was for Ripple, so every time you see Ripple, just think of whatever currency you’d like).


What currency should I buy?

  1. Do your own research, but for me, I am heavily invested in Vertcoin, Stellar Lumens, and DeepOnion. To me these are the lowest risk and highest reward coins.