Free money after the Bitcoin fork is not what it seems

Last updated: November 3, 2017 News 0

Just a warning about the Bitcoin fork

If you are just NOW buying Bitcoin, you will be losing money or breaking even when Bitcoin forks. The $7,000+ Bitcoin price right now already has the value of B2X calculated in it. So yes you will receive some “free money” but you are essentially paying more money, to get free money, which basically means you aren’t making any profit.

Here’s an example:

1) Say I buy 1 bitcoin right now for $7,000. Sounds great because I know when bitcoin forks I’m going to get 1 free B2X coin.

2) But what really happens is that right before the fork, Bitcoin will drop to $6,000 or even less. Then when you get your magic “free coin”, it’ll be worth about $1,000.

3) You’ll be super excited about your FREE $1,000, but then you’ll realize, oh wait, I still have $7,000….

4) Not to mention, you probably sold your alt coins to buy it, and now have to come back and pay a higher price for your alt coins.

MORAL OF THE STORY – There is no free money. Economics 101.

This has happened both times with the fork. Don’t be fooled a 3rd time