Trading Digital Currency

Investing and Trading Digital Currency

Whether you believe digital currency will be the next big thing or not, there is still plenty of time to make money from it. After spending months following the trends, growth, and peak selling times, our team has been able to make generous returns by short-selling and trading digital currency.

Benefits of trading digital currency

  • The market is open 24 hours a day, allowing for better estimates of price swings
  • There are little no fees on almost all trading through the market we use
  • There are unlimited trades and no penalties for canceling trades
  • The market has larger price swings, meaning you can make more money quicker

We diversify your portfolio and make it as conservative or aggressive as you want

As with most investing, there is always some sort of risk. Our goal here is to make this risk as minimal as possible. Even if digital currency crashes the second we invest your money, you won’t lose all of your investments. This is done through staggered investing. This means that not all your money get’s invested at once. We rotate your money through the various currencies selling it when it reaches low, medium, and high profit levels. Diversification and staggered investing keeps the risks very low.

Average Return on Investments (ROI)

  • Our average investor sees a ROI of 5-9% in an average of a week
  • Our highest return we’ve made has been 37% in 13 days
  • Our lowest return was at around 2% but was setup to be as conservative as possible

Trades are done automatically

We set limits on our investments so the second we reach our investment goal, the trades are executed. This allows us to have 24 hour coverage of the markets.

Lots of short-selling at around 10% growth

Bitcoin’s growth makes it an optimal target for short-selling. In an average day, BitCoin will fluctuate its price up and down around plus or minus $200. We find the precise times to buy low and set up limits so that when we reach around 10% growth, we sell. More aggressive portfolios will be set at higher percents but obviously it comes at more of a risk.

Recent example of growth in the Bitcoin Market

Below is an $800 price swing that we are able to invest correctly with. From May 26th to June 8th, 2017, Bitcoin increased it’s value by around $800 or 40%.


Examples of buying low and selling high with Bitcoin

Below is an example of a $60 price swing that we are able to predict (June 08, 2017). We purchased Bitcoins at $2,720 and set a sell limit at $2,800. This yielded us a great conservative profit of 3.5%. This was all done within a time frame of 8 hours.


Long term investments

For long term investments we generally split up money between Bitcoin and Ethereum. Ethereum is great for a long term investment due to its stability, growth, and technology. On June 8th thet price of Ethereum was at $260 but has grown at an incredible rate of 1,200% in the past few months. On June 10th the price went up to $350, almost a 40% growth in two days.

1200 growth ethereum

Our Commission Rates are based solely on Profit

What makes Income Sharks unique is that our commission only comes from the money we make you. If we don’t make you any money, you owe us nothing.

We take an average of 2-5% of commission based on the following investment levels:

  • 5% commission on profit ($100 – $1,000)
  • 4% commission on profit ($1,000 – $3,000)
  • 3% commission on profit ($3,000 – $6,000)
  • 2% commission on profit ($6,000 and higher)

You can control your account or have us manage it

Depending on your experience in trading, you might want to manage your own account. We offer many different types of portfolio management. Some accounts we share access to, some we manage completely, and others we send tips and advice to so they can do it themselves.

Sample Contract

Here is an example partnership contract that we have our investors sign. You hold all financial decisions as it’s your money. We are able to act as your financial agent but you have the ultimate say.

Example: IncomeSharks Investment Contract

Questions, comments or concerns?

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