Blocktix News and Predictions

Last updated: October 27, 2017 Blocktix 0

Blocktix News and Predictions

We will constantly update this page when our predictions change or important news comes out. Our price predictions are based graph trends, upcoming news, community updates, etc. The post at the top will be the most recent but you can look back at previous posts to catch up on news or see how accurate our predictions were.

UPDATED: October 27th – 2:15 PM EST

Blocktix looks like an exciting coin that solves real world problems with events and their ticket systems. It seems like it will help lower costs for events, help eliminate fake tickets, allow for people to easily sell and buy tickets, etc. The cool part is that Blocktix will start throwing concerts that only accept Blocktix (TIX) as their payment. Here’s a quick video to give you an idea about what they do.

Summary- Blocktix was recently added to the big exchange, Bittrex, so there was a big growth in prices. Now that attention has shifted towards Blocktix, it’s unclear if the price will correct or will continue to trend upwards.

Suggestion- Buy in a little and then wait to see if the price corrects or continues to rise.