Bitcoin price drops 25% as price corrects

Last updated: December 22, 2017 News 0

What is happening with Bitcoin?

The recent drop in Bitcoin is completely normal and was even expected. 2 days ago we even predicted this on our Twitter account (See Tweet).

When coins show a tremendous amount of growth, eventually people will start selling to cash out profits. This happens with every coin and is completely normal. As people start selling off coins at the peak, the price will usually start dropping. This is what’s called a “Price Correction”.

What happens next to Bitcoin

As you can see below we expected the price to drop to around $14,000 and this is what it basically did. Now that the price is a lot lower people will start looking at it as a great time to buy some more. As momentum builds back up the price should continue to grow to levels above $20,000.

Has Bitcoin done this before?

Yes. It has done this MANY times. There are definitely some dips that are bigger than others but every time after there is a big dip the price seems to shoot up, reaching levels that were even higher than the dip.

Our Prediction on December 22nd, 2017 (On Twitter)

bitcoin price drop