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Predicting Bitcoin Prices

We will constantly update our predictions based on graph predictions, upcoming news, trends, etc. The post at the top will be the most recent but you can look back at previous posts to see how accurate we have been with predictions!

UPDATED: November 8th – 12:30 PM EST

News: Big news for Bitcoin today, as the Segwit2x fork has been canceled/postponed. Bitcoin was very close to reaching $8,000 before the fork was announced that it was no longer going to happen. The price plummeted back to $7,000 where throughout the day it has somewhat recovered hanging around the $7,300 range.

Analysis: If you are confident in another fork happening you can jump back in but personally I think this fork gives Bitcoin a bad name. A lot of people are flocking back to their faithful alt coins and I think people will have a harder time leaving them.

Suggestion: If you bought in to bitcoin above $7,400, I would just hold your money and wait for a rebound in price. If you bought in below $7,000, I would sell and move your money over to some alt coins to make some nice profits. You can always move some back at a later point. Or if you are faithful to Bitcoin, just keep it in there and wait until it reaches $8,000.

bitcoin prediction november 8th 2017 updated

Prediction for the next 24 hours of Bitcoin. Snap shot taken on November 8th, 2017

Previous Predictions

Below you can find our previous predictions with edits showing how accurate we were. If the edits are in green it means we were very close to our predictions or were accurate. If the edits are in red it means we misjudged something or we were wrong.

ADDED: October 25th – 6:30 PM EST

Bitcoin appears to be cooling down after the Bitcoin Gold fork. Seems like there is some uncertainty with the upcoming fork as well, as Coinbase and others decide how they will support it moving forward. Expect prices to lower over time before picking up before the next Segwit2x Fork.

Summary- Keep an eye on Bitcoin. Trends suggest a price correction, followed by an increase towards the middle of November.

Suggestion- Hold for trends

Edit: Looks like this prediction came true. The prices have surged in anticipation for the Segwit2x fork.